Blog 3: Keveruitje in English: The Beetle Rally

Keveruitje: your specialist in Classic Beetle Rallys

At Keveruitje, we specialise in fun events with over 20 Classic VW Beetles. Keveruitje, meaning “Beetle fun Event” in Dutch is your partner whenever you want to discover the Dutch landscape in classic cars. Our 2 locations, one in the city Woerden (just 40 minutes from Amsterdam and 20 minutes from Utrecht) and one in the city of Delden (centrally located in the East of the Netherlands) provide you with the most beautiful tours, team challenges, terrace drinks and lots of fun. Most of our Beetles are Convertible Beetles, and on a sunny day the top goes down! Or choose one of our theme Beetles, such as the world famous Herbie, the German Polizei beetle or the famous red “Coca Cola” Beetle. Which one you choose is up to you!

Just for rent or a complete Beetle event?

Keveruitje rents out their lovely Classic Beetles, but our core business is organising your special team event, business event or company anniversary. With a collection of 25 Beetles, any group from 12 to 200 persons is welcome for a true nostalgic experience! We love to take care of your program, organising everything from Fun activities (with or without our Beetles!), lunch break, fun moments, afternoon break on terrace, up until the BBQ, Dinner or Buffet. Just one phone call and we’ll provide you with a complete offer for your event!

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A list of our team arrangements:

Just imagine yourself being shoulder to shoulder with three of your colleague’s. Together in one of our lovely Beetles. While one colleague drives, the other is navigation your team through the countryside. In the meantime, the backseat colleagues are trying to find the answers to the brainteaser… Will your team find the best route, win the teamchallenges and answering all the questions and tests? Victory will be yours! And important: in our Beetles your guests will always stay 100% dry!

Just take a look at our various team arrangements, starting from 12 people and up:

Most popular: Beetle Afternoon Experience

A wonderful afternoon with a Beetle Tour, navigation route, various team assignments and enjoy a nice cafe along the route. This is your best Classic Beetle Rally!
The afternoon tour is our most requested program. We’ll Iet you enjoy the real deal: the original and first Beetle Rally of the Netherlands. This package starts at our location in Woerden or Delden, where you’ll be welcomed with coffee / tea. After our instructions and group picture, every team chooses their Beetle. During a scenic route you’re able to get to the most beautiful and scenic places. A puzzle route? Yes, our four navigation methods ensure competition, challenge and fun for everyone! Complemented with a terrace, two group assignments, snacks and many brainteasers, this event provides you with everytging you’ll need. And do you have valid drivers licence? Take place behind the wheel of one of our vintage Beetles!

Prices: Varying from € 57,95 to € 64,95 p.p., depending on number of participants and starting location. Prices pro person, excl. VAT.

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Beetle Teamchallenge

A nice and efficient team event with the Beetle Team Challenge. We’ll provide with a challenging route, which only can be found by team effort and team consult. Did you find your route? You’ll find teamchallenge with the purpose of “getting to know each other” This event is a effective combination of classic Beetle driving and Team reinforcing elements.
Looking for teambuilding during a team event? During the Beetle Team Challenge we will combine team effort and fun in one package. We’ve prepared a special navigation route which requires great consultation between the teammembers. Shall we turn left or turn right? Teamwork will help!

Prices: Varying from € 57,95 to € 64,95 p.p., depending on number of participants and starting location. Prices pro person, excl. VAT.

Beetle Rally and Cessna flying

Enjoy the ultimate combination of a beetle rally and Cessna flying. An exclusive program to reward your employees, or as an inspiring day with customers.
Want to do anything unique? A special event for a special occasion? Feel the thrill of your first take off, combined with our famous Beetle Rally! We welcome you in a restaurant where various vintage Beetles are awaiting your arrival. Start this event with a cup of coffee/tea and sweets.
After the briefing each team starts off with our Classic Beetle Rally. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings in a Classic Beetle, while your co-driver navigates. It will provide you with plenty of conversation during this special day.
The Beetle will guide you to an Airport, where the Cessna aircrafts are ready fora n adrenaline shot. Park your Beetles and step in for a memorable flight. This flying experience takes approximately 15 minutes , as the pilot shows you the beautiful surrounding from above…
After landing we share our experiences, while enjoying a terrace drink. Change drivers, while you set-off for our return route. . At the end of the day we’ll reach our starting point (the restaurant) where a delicious dinner can be served.

Prices: Varying from € 119,95 to € 129,95 p.p., depending on number of participants and starting location. Prices pro person, excl. VAT.

beetle rally

The Ultimate Beetle Rally

Our most attractive program for a whole day, filled with Beetle experiences. This event has everything a person could wish for, inclusiding Coffee, Lunch break and a great BBQ. Good for a whole day of fun!
Want to spent an entire day with your team? Experience the Ultimate Getaway Event (it's all in the name) and really enjoy everything a good day of Beetle fun has to offer! We star somewhere in the morning with coffee and a snack. After our instructions every teams heads off for a beautiful tour. Along the route you’ll discover a lunch break, various assingments, agility tests and of course a drink on a terrace! Upon your return a BBQ is prepared. What else do you need?

Prices: Varying from € 117,95 to € 127,95 p.p., depending on number of participants and starting location. Prices pro person, excl. VAT.

Teambuilding: The Herbie Hunt

Teambuilding, competition and vintage Beetles in one true teambuildng event. A defiant conspiracy around the famous "Herbie" Beetle, which has to be solved by your guestst. A challenging aswell as proven program!
When you’re looking for teambuilding, competition and teamwork in a special setting, our Herbie Hunt is the program that will suit you!
This teambuilding event starts with coffee and sweet, when suddenly a conspiracy with the famous beetle "Herbie" is being unfolded. Herbie has been stolen, and we need your top colleagues to solve this matter! In teams (consisting of 6-9 persons) they will have to conduct puzzles, solve team challenges, find secret locations and drive your “own” team Beetle to mystical locations. Our quest: special hints about the whereabouts of Herbie! The more hints you gather, the faster Herbie can be found! Which team proves to work most effectively and finds Herbie fastest? A fun and one of a kind program which has been organised for Ministry of Internal Affairs, PRIMERA, Ordina Only for Men, Ministry of Defence, European Camping Group and many others. They judged it as "surprising", "challenging" and "good for mutual contacts ".

Prices: Varying from € 57,95 to € 64,95 p.p., depending on number of participants and starting location. Prices pro person, excl. VAT.

beetle rally

Beetle Business Break 1,5 hrs

1.5 hour Beetle journey to get some well deserved distraction after a long meeting? Our 1,5 hrs Beetle Tour is ideal as a quick meeting break, or as a quick team event in the evening. First a quick tour, followed by dinner and whine ☺
At a meeting and in need of an original way out? Complete your evening business party with a special tour? Imagine yourself behind the wheel of our Classic Beetle and enjoy the feeling of a true Beetle Rally. We will prepare a puzzle trail with various navigation exercises. This is your opportunity to experience the real Seventies feel. And rain or shine; our beetles will always keep you dry!

Prices: Varying from € 54,95 to € 57,95 p.p., depending on number of participants and starting location. Prices pro person, excl. VAT.

Beetle Tour with vintage Foodtruck BBQ

Our most vintage event, but it will provide you with everything you’ll need! At first Coffee with sweets, and after the group picture and instructions, you will start the 40 year old Beetles. Try to find your way with our navigation route, an when your team navigates correctly, you will find a vintage Foodtruck. Placed somewhere in the woods, near a cousy cabin log, where a luxury “retro” BBQ has been prepared. The drinks are cold and the BBQ hot. What more do you need? This is an all-inclusive event, so there will be no nastu surprises afterwards. One complete event for one complete price. All inclusive!

Prices: Varying from € 77,95 to € 79,95 p.p., depending on number of participants and starting location. Prices pro person, excl. VAT.

Beetle Rally on Location

Let our Beetles come to you for a Beetle Rally on location. Drive our Beetles anywhere in the Netherlands (or abroad) including our famous puzzle route, challenges and terrace.
A beetle rally experience in your own environment? A staff trip including a beautiful beetle tour? Every year, we organise many beetle rallys on location. Imagine our Beetles being parked in front of your office, or as the main attraction on your business event. , We will take your wishes into account, give advice on the best possible program and provide you with a memorable experience. We will even create a roadbook in your color and logo schemes! Customization at its best!

Prices: Starting at € 89,95 p.p., depending on number of participants and starting location. Prices pro person, excl. VAT.

beetle rally

Enjoy a complete Seventies weekend

A weekend trip with colleagues? Our tip: a Beetle Tour will be loved by everyone. Young and old, men and women. And rain or shine: our Beetles will keep you dry! During this weekend we will organise everything you need. The hotel, catering, activities (incl. Beetle Tour), DJ with 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s Music and maybe an extra activity the day after. And whatever more wishes you may have, we will try and create a custom weekend, suiting your needs.

Prices: We love to customize your weekend. Please feel free to contact us fort his special weekend.

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